Enter The Toodaloo
The Magical Journey to Create Tasty Snacks

Cattie Khoury
Founder, Toodaloo Superfoods
B.A. Environmental Sustainability
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Welcome friend! I’m “Plant Lady Cattie.” My friends might say I’m a little quirky because I’m obsessed with all things healing — from regenerative farming, sustainability, and ancient adaptogenic herbs—to magic crystals, chakra balancing, and angel-guided meditations.

I’m a little weird, and that’s okay!
I hope you are, too. Life is a lot more fun that way. 😉

What The Heck Is
Toodaloo and How Was it Born?

The seeds of Toodaloo were planted in college, where I studied Environmental Sustainability and climate change. It was in those classes that I fell in love with soil—yep DIRT. Told you, I’m weird—but just pretend I’m Neil Degrasse Tyson taking you on a journey to explore the cosmos, but instead of space, it’s through the multiverse of the soil beneath our feet. 😉

Get this—just one tablespoon of healthy, fertile soil can contain over 1 billion different microorganisms that all eat carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere—the main cause of climate change? Rad right?!

These little guys are mighty powerful—they literally suck down carbon dioxide and use it to create more nutritious food, clean our water, and support biodiversity—a win, win, win situation for everyone. 😉

For many years, I knew the power of healthy soil and how it could help save the world, but I didn’t know what to do with it until 2020 flipped our world upside-down.

Toodaloo replaces all these dead, fake ingredients in some brands with healing superfoods and ancient adaptogenic herbs!

There I was, 25 years-young and trapped ALONE in my tiny Austin, Texas, apartment during the great pandemic. To be honest, I was completely losing my shit. I had recently gone through a breakup, I was laid off from my job, and I was pretty freakin’ terrified of this “new normal.”

Drowning my emotions with way too much wine and Amazon-Prime-delivered junk food became my “new normal.” Then one day, while binge watching The Office episodes for twelve hours straight, I finished off my SECOND super-size bag of trail mix and casually looked at the ingredients.

All together there were 43 unhealthy ingredients in my bag of so-called “healthy” trail mix. Fake dyes, preservatives, GMOs, processed sugars, and oxidized canola and palm oils (which requires deforestation of the Amazon rainforest).

What are “Methyl Parabens” and why the hell is it in my trail mix?

Then I started wondering…

Who Really Makes This Nasty Trail
Mix and Is This Brand Helping
or Hurting Humanity?

With a quick Google search, I learned that many seemingly “natural trail mix brands” are secretly big corporate food conglomerates that piece together these Frankenstein foods and try to pass them off as healthy snacks with clever packaging and marketing.

They also buy dirt-cheap ingredients, grown with toxic commercial farming practices, that hurt our health, the earth’s soil, and the air we breathe.

I was eating dead trail mix. There was nothing alive and nourishing about it.

What a bunch of BS!

Why was I supporting these out of touch snack brands who don’t support what I believe in most - the health of our people and our planet - and care most about their own profits and stock prices?

I thought to myself…

“Trail Mix Really Is a Train Wreck…
Someone Should Step Up and

“Maybe I could be the one to fix trail mix? Nah… my jam is environmental sustainability and climate change, I’m no nutrition expert.” But then I thought, “Why not become one?”

The next morning, I woke up with purpose. It felt like time to stop feeling sorry for myself and to Betty Crocker my way out of this quarantine hell hole. 😉

So, I tapped into my savings, traded my Netflix time for 12-hour days studying to get certified in Plant Based Nutrition from the country’s most reputable institution. Over several months, I learned all about exotic superfoods, adaptogenic herbs, and harmonious farming practices that create nutritious food and healthy soil that can help reverse climate change.

During this time, I also went down a rabbit hole learning about the spiritual powers of certain superfoods, herbs, and botanicals. My grandmother, a handful of psychics, and energy healers told me I came from a long line of witches, so I have never felt more in my element than when I’m mixing up herbal potions purported to have spiritual, healing powers. (Enter a witch cackle.)

Whether this is mysticism or simply female intuition, they are gifts I now use with positive intentions to help heal people and our planet.

Soon, I started leaving my adaptogenic trail mixes at friends’ doorsteps and I knew I had something when they kept asking for more—more trail mix, more information about adaptogenic herbs, and more information about climate change.

I couldn’t help but think that if we only knew human health and planetary health are tied to what we EAT, maybe life would have been so much better for my family.

I wouldn’t have been so overweight and bullied as a child.

Maybe my dad wouldn’t have passed away so young from Congestive Heart Failure.

Maybe half of my family wouldn’t have diabetes.

And maybe our planet wouldn’t be suffering from climate change.

I began to hope that maybe, just maybe, my trail mix could help change the world in some small way.

So, I decided to call this beautiful manifestation… Toodaloo. 😉 A place where we say goodbye to the old harmful ways of living and hello to choosing a new healing path forward. 😉

Here I am with my very first batches of Toodaloo Trail Mix. It was a spiritual experience manifested from hard work and divine intervention. I have poured my heart and soul into these formulas and can’t wait for you to enjoy them!

Toodaloo Superfoods
Tasty Super Snacks to Heal
The Body & Planet

From some of the darkest times—quarantine, a difficult childhood, and my father’s early passing—a beautiful, healing light emerged. (I guess the universe knows what it’s doing after all. 😉) And now with your support, it’s onward and upward.

You see, I believe that how ingredients are grown affects the physical and spiritual health of our bodies and the planet. I believe that we have the power to change our own lives by being intentional about the food we eat. When food and farming live in harmony, the earth regenerates and more nutritious ingredients are grown. That’s why my mission at Toodaloo is simple… “Create Tasty Snacks That Heal!”

From climate-friendly packaging to our responsibly sourced superfoods, each delicious bag of our small-batch, artisan trail mix is manifested with thoughtful care and healing adaptogenic herbs (like ashwagandha, reishi, and turmeric) to support the balance of mind, body, and spirit.

We are here for the long haul, which is why Toodaloo is also investing in healing Mother Earth through Regenerative Agriculture—a natural way of farming that produces more nutritious food while reversing climate change—through our partnership with the Rodale Institute, leaders in the regenerative education movement with farmers.

Each Toodaloo purchase helps regenerate 100 square feet of polluted farmland back into the rich, fertile soil nature intended. Our goal is to add regenerative ingredients to each of our trail mixes as we help them become commercially available.

Together, we are healing ourselves and the planet with each and every bite.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying our Toodaloo Trail Mix and welcome you to the family!

We’re going to have so much fun healing ourselves and the earth, together.


frequently asked

If you don’t say, “OMG, it’s so delicious,” after trying our tasty, healing trail mix, just email us and we’ll wave a magic wand and give you a full refund of your purchase price (up to 4 bags)… lickity-split. A promise from me, to you.

Most trail mixes on the market are made from cheap, inflammatory ingredients, and they are priced accordingly. On the other hand, Toodaloo contains premium sprouted nuts and organic superfruits not found in other mixes, and we infuse each bag with ancient adaptogenic herbs and healing intentions. So Toodaloo is both a tasty earth-loving snack and functional food... all in one! With every bite of our small-batch, artisan trail mix you are healing yourself and the planet.

Adaptogenic herbs are essentially plant sorcery. These ancient adaptogenic herbs are sourced from all around the world and support your body’s natural ability to balance the mind, body, and spirit into a perfect harmonious flow state.

Some of these adaptogens, superfoods, and botanicals have additional benefits that support skin health, proper digestion, immune function, plus mental and physical performance. With each formula, you will find we have grouped together a couple of adaptogens that support a particular function.

We use only natural sources to sweeten our mixes like organic apple juice and organic coconut sugar. We never use nasty artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols like erythritol (often disguised as monk fruit).

Sprouting takes a seed from a raw, dormant state to an activated, “alive” state. This is a natural process that typically occurs in nature after rainfall. We mimic this process by soaking our seeds and nuts for 8-12 hours.

The sprouting of seeds removes enzyme inhibitors, which allows for your body to actually absorb all of the nutrients within the nuts and seeds. Pretty awesome, huh?!

You’re going to love the taste and healing mission of Toodaloo’s Adaptogenic Trail Mix, so why not join our Subscribe & Save plan, where you save 10% off of every order (including today’s) - PLUS, get a free e-Cookbook with 23 different plant-based recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts. Yumbo! And, Subscribe & Save members get first access to new products. 😊

While our snacks are designed to uplift you, eating a single serving of our trail mix will not have an immediate or overwhelming impact on your body. Like with all good things, consistency is the key.

We built Toodaloo with climate consciousness at the core. This is why we regenerate 100 square feet of polluted farmland with every purchase. It’s why we use plastic neutral packaging. And it’s also why we try to source the best ingredients whenever we can. While we aren’t perfect, we are taking accountability for our carbon emissions and working towards climate neutrality.

Regenerative farming is a natural way of growing more nutritious food while fighting climate change. By using farming practices that focus on the health of the soil, regenerative farms increase biodiversity, sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, improve watersheds, support farmer health, and produce nutrient-dense food in a manner that can regenerate indefinitely.

We are working towards adding regenerative ingredients to our trail mixes as soon as they become more available in the supply chain.

Until then, we are planting seeds where we want them to grow, metaphorically. That is why every Toodaloo purchase helps regenerate 100 square feet of polluted farmland back into the rich, fertile soil nature intended. Together, we are healing ourselves and the planet with each and every bite.

Glad you asked. We’ve partnered with the Rodale Institute, one of the leaders in the regenerative movement. They provide services to farmers transitioning their farm into a regenerative practice. Your order directly supports Rodale providing that service to farmers. Please visit https://rodaleinstitute.org/ to learn more.

Absolutely. All the ingredients in Toodaloo are completely safe, natural, and tasty enough to please even the pickiest of palettes.

3-4 days but with the pandemic we've seen shipping take a little longer. Be sure to check out your order confirmation page for updated tracking.